We handle all aspects of designing, deploying, and running advocacy programs. We're strategic advisors for some of the biggest programs in the world but also get excited working at a tactical level with initiatives at the opposite end of the spectrum. We can supplement, complement, or even run the whole thing for you.

  • Need help selecting the right database? – we have years of experience to help you make exactly the right choice                                                            
  • Need to go global? – not a problem: we have a global presence and many native speakers on our staff                                      
  • Thinking about an IPO? – we've done it before and know what it takes                                                                     
  • Want to create a community, social forum or advocacy hub? – we know how


Written, video, audio and multi-media pieces – we can deliver. From podcasts, videos through to white papers, awards submissions and success stories, our creative team has worked with some of the biggest names in the tech industry; let us share our experiences with you.

  • Need to create a new YouTube channel featuring happy clients? – we’ll show you how                                                                
  • Have a technically complex product? – we're experts at understanding the most sophisticated solutions                                             
  • Want success stories in local languages? - that’s what we do                                                
  • Need to create an awards submission for one of your favorite clients? - we know what it takes to impress the judges and have the results to prove it

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it – we show you how to bring order to the most free-format of programs. Our expertise in metrics, data visualization, and the application of Microsoft Office(R) products is unrivaled in the industry.

  • Want to know how many advocates you need to keep the funnel moving quickly and sales happy? – we have the benchmarks to work it out                                                                               
  • Wonder what you can achieve if you add another person to the team? – we'll model your environment and show you exactly what it will look like                                  
  • Are you spending too much time generating reports every month? – we’re experts at doing it smarter                                
  • Ever tried to quantify the business impact of your program? – we know all the angles to help you create a really compelling picture

Why Us:

Referential has been in the customer advocacy business for 20+ years. During this time our clients have trusted us with their customers and we've treated them all as if they were our own.

We've started advocacy programs from scratch, assisted with ongoing initiatives, and have experience in all fields relating to advocacy, referrals, materials/asset creation, customer marketing, and associated metrics.  

Referential has an industry-wide reputation for creating and running high-performance advocacy programs. We are able to leverage the skills and expertise that we’ve built up across the entire advocacy domain to ensure that each program is optimally designed and operated. We use a refined set of processes to make sure that goals are fully aligned and represent the broadest interests of all stakeholders. We are able to incorporate our extensive knowledge of metrics to quantify and tune the business impact of each implementation.

Our clients represent a wide cross-section of industry sectors and company revenues, including multiple Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies, through to more modestly sized organizations that currently may have only a handful of customers. A common factor across all of our clients is their understanding of the true value of a satisfied customer and a desire to unleash this to elevate the performance of their own business. Without exception, we've been instrumental in helping our clients succeed in leveraging the previously untapped power of their own advocates.