Who We Are: 

Referential, Inc. is a US corporation established in 2012, but our experience in the advocacy and reference sector spans more than two decades. The company was originally created as a partnership in 1994, and has always specialized in delivering innovative, high-quality advocacy-related services.

Today, Referential boasts a talented group of seasoned professionals with experiences that span a diverse range of disciplines. We're headquartered in San Jose, California, and have both a multi-national presence and in-house multi-lingual capabilities.

On a more personal note, our team has a very diverse and eclectic set of interests and experiences that we might confess to once we get to know you better! Without naming names, we have a national double-dutch speed jump rope champion, we've authored hundreds of articles about operas, musicals and plays, and had multiple watercolor exhibitions. Between us we've visited almost 70 countries, there are a couple of state finals soccer players, and three licensed pilots; and these are just a few of the things we'll own up to. Together we are Referential!!