Class formats, what's your favorite?

We have some new people on the team and one or two of us are a bit rusty at Excel so we’ve been looking into training.   So many formats!  Our first choice was good old face to face training, your typical classroom approach.  It would be good to be in a different environment, with a scheduled time commitment, and to meet new people.   Luckily we’re in an area where that’s fairly easy to find.  But read the fine print. Some of the sessions I saw were face to face, were in a classroom, you would meet new folks, but you’re sitting in front of a screen the entire class session and the instructor is remote, rather than there in the classroom.  Having been a remote worker for years I know how easy it is to interact with others via technology, but I’m not sure that’s what we’re looking for in this case.

We are also evaluating self-paced on line courses, for those of us with the self-discipline to get the learning done in a timely manner.  It’s really important to think about learning preferences and have a range of options for your employees with any content that’s critical.  What’s your favorite learning style?   And do you have any suggestions for Excel classes, of any type?