Establishing A Company's Culture

Where has the year gone?  Hard to believe November is nearly upon us.  This week we received a year end checklist from our payroll company and we’re not even to Halloween!  It’s good to do year end double-checks early, nice to have it out of the way and to know tax forms and the such should process without a hitch.  Our holiday schedule for the business was set some time ago, but we’ve yet to celebrate holidays together. We began operations as Referential, Inc. in January of this year.  Previous to that H&D Feber Associates had been active in customer reference programs and consulting for nearly 20 years.  So we’re old and new.  As a new company we have to establish traditions.  We celebrate birthdays with cake and song.  Luckily we have some good singers on board!  I suspect at least some of us will dress up for Halloween, though if we have clients in that day it might deserve a second thought.   End of year holidays and the company anniversary deserve recognition as well.  Some companies have a party, others do group volunteer work.  How does your company celebrate?   It would be good to hear from others as we establish our own traditions and company culture.