Promotional Items - We're Repeat Customers

You’re bound to need something. Maybe you want to send a gift to your customers at the holidays.   Often companies give away a ‘memento’ when they exhibit at trade shows.  We’ve also needed large quantities of collateral printed, more than we can easily handle in house.  Thanks to the good old web it’s easy to do research and we end up going back to the same company.  We’ve order samples on several occasions – there’s nothing like seeing the color in person rather than on a screen and knowing you’re ordering something made with attention to quality.  We’ve also had a few times, like right now, where we need items quickly.  Feeling confident in delivery matters.  I did just get notified an order placed yesterday won’t ship today – weather means an early shutdown, but we’ll still get things in plenty of time.  And it’s good to know they’re keeping employees safe by sending them home before the weather gets worse. 

As you know we’re repeat sponsors at the Summit on Customer Engagement, which begins February 25 nearby in Redwood City, CA.  Last year we had fun mood pencils, hold them and the black pencil magically turns bright blue.  Stop by and see what we have this year.  Thanks to we’re once again very happy with our choice, and are sure you will be too!