Couldn't have chosen a better location

It’s hard to believe but we moved into our offices a full year ago.  We knew the location was good, but didn’t know how nice it would be.  We focused our office search on Campbell as most of us live nearby.  Besides an easy commute, it’s a short walk to a grocery store, our bank, an office supply store, several restaurants, and not one but our choice of two Starbucks!  We’re right across the street from Ebay and have walked over to the food trucks parked on the nearby street on more than one occasion.  Finally the Los Gatos Creek Trail is just up the road, a nearly 10 mile paved path great for walkers, runners, and bikers.  We try to get out on the path for a 30 minute walk mid-day, so much better than sitting at our desks for a full day. We’ve had the space to easily accommodate our growing team and a wonderful location.  If you’re in the Bay Area stop by for a visit!