Web conferencing - which to choose?

We’re lucky enough to be able to have face to face meetings with many of our clients.  When that’s impossible there’s always the phone but sometimes you need to share documents, see screens.  While many of our clients prefer to host web conferences, they don’t all have that capability and with more of our team at remote locations we’ve an internal need as well. We’ve used lots of the choices which gave us an advantage in our decision making.  Some are just harder to use than others or don’t have all the functionality we’re looking for.  Just some of what we need is VOIP, support for video, multiple presenters, and ease of use.   There are some great sites out there with quite detailed comparisons that were a huge help.

We’ve not quite finalized our decision.  Pretty rapidly we narrowed it down to GoToMeeting or ClickMeeting.  We’ve used GoToMeeting before, and like it.  In fairness we decided to do a 30 day free trial of ClickMeeting as we’ve no experience with it.   We’ll see what we think at the end of the trial!