Heavy machinery now, cool temps later


Spring has just begun and our temps are high here in the Bay Area.  Seems like we had one week of winter way back in November and it’s been warm and dry ever since.  I suspect we’ll have a warm summer and we were happy to see a new air conditioning unit go up on our roof today.  We are sweltering a bit as the installation completes, it’s nearly 80 degrees in the office right now!  You can see the crane they needed to use.  We watched as they backed into the lot, which wasn’t easy.  And we weren’t the only ones watching.  Heavy machinery brought out an audience.  We expected more noise from the roof but ripping out the carpet on the stairs and laying new flooring has been surprisingly noisier!  We think these are the last major projects our new landlord has planned.  The upgrades are certainly nice!  Bring on summer, we’ll be cool and comfortable.