Certifiable skills

Most of our staff is about to embark on Microsoft Office certifications.  We purchased training packages for the key office apps – Excel, PowePoint, Word, Access, and Outlook.  We don’t use Access much so that will be optional, but we want our staff certified in the other applications.  It’s one thing to say you know an app, it’s another to prove it. Over the years we’ve had temp personnel who told us they were proficient in a tool, handled all the interview questions well, but when it came right down to it they over stated their proficiency.  While we don’t give tests in our interview process other companies do.  Rather than have candidates bring in writing samples they’re given a writing exercise to do right then.  Instead of talking about budget issues they’re asked to create a sample spreadsheet with proper categories and formulas.A

Testing still isn’t in our plans, though our interview questions are now tougher!  We do want our clients to have complete confidence in our skills, from strategy to spreadsheets.  The certifications will be one more way to show our expertise.