Snacks - they're good for business!

The Intuit Small Business blog had a recent post about the business benefits of providing nutritious snacks for your employees.  You don’t want unhealthy snacks leading to health issues. Here at Referential, Inc. we tend to each lunch together and it’s interesting to see what everyone brings.  Let’s just say a few of us take health and nutrition more seriously than others!  Yesterday we had a treat, someone brought a fresh smoothie she had just made from home.  Spinach, mango, almonds, and cranberry-raspberry juice.  While it was green it smelled and tasted of fruit.  Surprising that you didn’t even taste the spinach.

I have to say that was much healthier than the other snacks we shared earlier in the week.  Afternoon tea is often at our desks, unless there is birthday cake or treats!  A discussion of a European trip at lunch meant we had chocolate croissants one afternoon.  And just because they looked good it was blueberry scones another day.  At least we cut them into reasonable sized servings!

So while our snacks may not always be the healthiest, nothing beats the camaraderie as we share their deliciousness!