Frozen - the Database!

One of our clients has a major database update shortly and yesterday was the last day for changes.  Everyone was scrambling until nearly midnight to complete as many updates as possible.  For the interim period we have to log our changes manually, then when the new database is live we’ll input everything. We were talking about the change this morning and someone made a good analogy.  It’s like moving from one house to another.  You clean up your old place and it’s exciting to move somewhere new and fresh.  We did take advantage of this database change to do some ‘housekeeping’ and data clean up so when we’re live in the new environment we’ll have not only new functionality but ‘fresh’ data too.

Over time large databases often need some attention and this was the time.  An opportunity to make sure phone numbers were formatted consistently, to change the few UKs to United Kingdoms, and so on.  A little planning and work up front will really pay off with great benefits. Just one of the special projects our clients have where our data expertise can automate tasks and ensure accuracy.  Looking forward to when we go live!