Vacations to Star Fruit - Teamwork Matters

It’s summer.  School is out or nearly so.  Graduations are in full swing.  And vacation season is upon us.  As a small business we’re particularly careful when anyone is gone, be it for work events or vacation.  We have basically a ‘buddy system’.  While we may have a primary contact for a client, we always have a backup who is also familiar with the systems and processes and can step in whenever necessary.  It’s a little bit of overhead for us but ensures seamless service delivery. We all come in to the office nearly every day, rather infrequently are there ‘work at home’ days.  There are several reasons for that – the office is easy to get to, great location for lunch or walks, and we collaborate a lot.  So much faster to get your questions answered face to face.  That said we do have a team member in London and one working from Germany for most of June.  And even though someone is on vacation, occasionally they choose to work a day or two remotely.  Another aspect of being out of the office, besides having knowledgeable backups, is communication.  We make sure the status of projects is clear, we’re careful about who has responsibility for what, and when someone is out it is easy to stay in touch; be it by instant message, email, text, or good old phone calls.


When someone on the team is out they do miss some of the camaraderie.  For example, we have a tradition of going to Whole Foods for breakfast on Friday.  Today those that went came back with a star fruit to share.  Most of us had not tried one before.  They are delicious, and beautiful.  It was a nice treat and a small example which shows we’re a team that not only works well together but really enjoys each other’s company.