New Employees - Where To Find Them

Hiring time again. Which is great, but where do you find the best candidate? So far we haven’t had to post a single job opening, not for a full time hire, not for contractors. Our secret? Word of mouth. Our employees have told their friends, even their children, and through that network we’ve found all of our new employees. Our last several hires have been recent college grads. One great source of potential college hires has been the son of one of our employees. As he says, “everyone wins, employed friends are more fun to hang out with because they can afford to do things”. We’re interviewing for both a full and part time opening right now. We should make our decisions soon and a couple more college grads will soon be employed. And be even more fun to hang out with than they are now!

What’s been your best source of candidates? Should we have to post an opening in the future it would be good to know what’s worked well for others.