Commitment to Youth Opportunity

We just hired two recent college grads.  Not only that, we made the pledge, will you?  See More than four years have passed since the economy was at it's low point, and yet nearly six million young Americans are both out of school and out of work—a staggering number.

As small business owners, we are committed to addressing this challenge in the way we can best.  Today, we joined the pledge to create meaningful opportunities for our nation’s youth.

Over the next two to three years, Referential, Inc. commits to take one or more of these actions:

1.    Increase the number of opportunity youth hires

2.    Expand full or part-time intern or apprenticeship placements for opportunity youth

3.    Adopt or expand a high-quality mentoring program for local opportunity youth.

4.    Partner with nonprofit training providers to create a new employee mentoring, job-shadowing and recruiting program.

5.    Partner with a local nonprofit or education system to identify opportunity youth to fill entry-level positions

6.    Work with our suppliers to assess opportunities to hire, train or mentor opportunity youth.

We hope your company also pledges to create meaningful opportunities for our youth.