2,000,000 steps and counting!

FitbitWe’ve been wearing our Fitbits and counting our steps.  We created a company group and as a team we have exceeded 2,000,000 steps for the month.  The contribution to that total did vary somewhat.  Two people consistently exceed 10,000 steps per day – sometimes get closer to 20,000 steps.  And then there are those that don’t consistently wear their tracker or who’s exercise isn’t the type to add steps- like the heavy duty core workout favored by one.  Whether at the low end or the high end of our step total, we have seen everyone more active than they were before.  The Fitbits were a great investment in terms of getting people up and moving more, which is great for health, but also have been great for team building.  We’ve compared step totals, talked about fitness, collected just about every color of band, and there’s been some teasing now and again too!  Fun and healthy, what more could want from a team reward for a job well done!