How many countries have you visited?

We’re revamping our website and when we do the big reveal one of the pages we’re adding is ‘fun facts’ about the team.  Here’s a little preview.  While data is still coming in, as a group we’ve visited over 60 countries, pretty impressive.   Of course our neighbors Canada and Mexico are on the list, but so are countries not as well known for tourism such as Syria and Croatia. And beyond the team, our children are world travelers as well.  One daughter just returned from business travel, teaching in Guam.  Another’s daughter returned last night from a 3 week college service trip to India.

While the travel is fun, and educational, it serves a business purpose as well.  As a team we speak a range of languages, allowing us to easily provide world wide support to our clients.  Significant travel, combined with time living abroad, makes us culturally aware and attuned to the differences as we work with clients around the world, a valuable added benefit for our work and personal lives.