Continuing to improve our skills

The primary role here at Referential, Inc. is that of reference manager.  Even though there’s one primary role, it has 3 levels.   We created a one page summary that highlights the different expectations of each of the 3 job levels for the following categories:  quality, productivity, communication, initiative, and judgment.  We feel those categories are critical for success and want to make sure everyone from the newest hire to the most senior knows what’s expected. To give just one example from the productivity category,  for the staff reference manager we know that solutions occasionally require rethinking before becoming effective.   For the mid tier role we would expect sharing best practices to improve team productivity, while the senior reference manager should implement process improvements with wide impact.  Each of the categories has several examples for each of the job levels.

This tool has been very valuable in setting expectations, as we write performance evaluations, and inspiring people to add to their skill sets with promotion to the next level in mind.  It’s also something that we need to keep current as our company evolves.  Right now we’re thinking through how the role will change in the future and of course we’ll update the competencies accordingly.  We all want to continue to grow and add to our skill set, this is just one tool that we have found to be very helpful.