Time Tracking Apps - Which to Use?

When you’re in consulting you need to track your hours and when you have an ever growing team there are a lot of hours to consolidate!   We’re all involved with more than one client and each client has more than one of us assigned.  It’s important we have backups trained so we can handle everything from vacations to special projects requiring extra hours.   That adds to the complexity of tracking our time as we’re tracking individuals as well as consolidated numbers for our clients.   We don’t need to tie into invoicing or payroll; we have solutions for those that work quite well.  Most of the offerings we’ve seen for time tracking are actually overkill for our needs, but we’ve decided to do trials with a couple of packages to see how they work. Research narrowed our list, we’re using the first this week.   Lesson number one – don’t hit submit each time you log any bit of time.  Time sheets for a single hour to single day went flying in and we learned to save, and then we’ll submit on Friday. Terminology for every app differs!  It will be interesting how the team compares the apps on our short list.  That will be a huge part of our decision making.

This will speed up tracking and reporting plus give us the flexibility to tie hours to major projects and processes, not to just the client, in a more flexible manner than before.  It also automates all the consolidation which is our major goal.   We’ll have more lessons learned to share as we get further into testing.