Year end activities begin!

We’re nearing the start of the 4th quarter already! We have many celebrations ahead.  As a team we have the majority of our work anniversaries and birthdays towards the end of the year.  We have a request for cake and potato chips for the next birthday celebration – not a combo we’ve had before but when it’s your birthday you get to choose!   In addition, with a group as diverse as ours is today we will observe a wide range of holidays. This year we’ll be making a point of actively learning about the traditions and holiday observations of everyone on the team. Not only is it a time to celebrate, from a work perspective it’s extremely busy. Many of our clients have fiscal year ends in December.  At quarter and year end there’s always a sales push and that means an increased demand for customer references.  Phones will be ringing off the hook!  The other large year end project is to update agreements with all of our clients for 2015.  They are growing and we expect increased demand for our services.

The quarter ahead will be very busy but also full of fun events, plus the outlook for 2015 is great! We hope the future looks as rosy for you.