Earthquake Drill!

We participated in the Great American Shakeout again this year. Our drill wasn’t quite at 10:16, as it was a drill we decided to wait until everyone was off the phone  Of course we know an earthquake wouldn’t be as considerate! “Pretend it’s an earthquake, now!” was shouted and everyone stopped, dropped, and took cover under their desks. Only a few of us knew the drill was coming so it was good to see everyone knew immediately what to do.  This is critical as our location in California is crossed by major earthquake faults.

We also had a general safety discussion. In a major quake we know our exterior stairway is more at risk than the interior one.  The back end of our office is also more at risk.  We’re on the second floor and the back end has parking spaces, rather than building, beneath.

We are prepared. Multiple fire extinguishers, a portable emergency ladder, first aid kit, and several team members have CPR certifications.  Let’s hope we don’t have to put all our safety precautions into use!