The challenge of multiple calendars!

As a company Referential has quite a long list of clients. I don’t think any of us work with just one client and often they assign emails to us for the duration of the engagement. When you have multiple clients, that leads to multiple emails to check, and multiple calendaring systems. Some of us consolidate everything to our personal calendar or our Referential work calendar to see it all online, all in one place. But that doesn’t work well for everyone.  One has a colorful notebook with meetings color coded and another has a fairly sophisticated post-it system.  It’s clear this is a case of ‘one size doesn’t fit all’!

Checking 2, 3, or even 10 emails and associated calendars is not easy.   Do you have any helpful hints?  It’s a common issue when you have multiple clients, we’re interested in hearing what works best for you.