Newbies - great at reviewing documentation

Documenting processes, in detail, is rarely someone’s favorite activity but it must be done!  It has been such a help when someone new joins a project, whether or not they are a new hire.  We’ve had the combination of new hires and new clients recently, quite a training challenge, but things go much more smoothly with documentation in place. We’ve found it helpful to have a draft document to start from and then do shared editing.  We might not have one person involved with all the details of every aspect of a project so group-work is required.  It’s been really helpful to have the newest members of the company involved.   When a process becomes second nature sometimes you miss documenting all the fine detail and don’t always specify each step of a process.  “Then you put the info in the database” sounds simple enough until someone new asks questions like   “how do you find the correct record?”, “do I update contacts and/or accounts?”, “can we write it however we want or is there a naming format?” and so on.  Having someone new follow behind will catch where we’ve made knowledge assumptions.

When we’re lucky we can then leverage the documentation from one project to another, not often, but nice when it happens!