Finally it's wet!

Amazing quantities of snow in the east, frigid temperatures in much of the country, and finally, some rain here in California.  Seems as though winter is in full swing. A few days of rain here is very welcome.  The drought here is so impactful the local water district offers signs you can put in your yard which say “Brown is the new green!”.  Useful for all of us doing minimal watering of yards, if watering them at all.  We’re suffering through the third driest year in nearly 120 years and 58 percent of California is in “exceptional” drought, the worst category, with more than 80 percent of the state in "extreme" drought.

While we need and really want to see rain, we must confess to not being quite as hardy as those suffering through snow.  The first big rain always means more traffic accidents, curtails most outdoor activities, and leads off the evening news!  Hopefully rain will become less newsworthy and we’ll see much more if it, plus get our own amazing quantity of snow in the mountains as the season progresses.