Holiday Volunteering

Part of the team, still smiling after processing almost 5 tons of apples! Earlier this week we volunteered at Second Harvest Food Bank.  We wanted to do something as a group to give back and a volunteer activity was our first choice.  Lots of organizations do the same this time of year, in fact while we were there Cisco was also volunteering.

Apples.  Lots and lots of apples.  We sorted the good from the bad and moved apples from huge containers to manageable 25 pound boxes.  As a small group we sorted nearly 9000 pounds of apples in just 2 hours! It was rewarding to help but also exhausting!  Most of the local group was able to participate.  We were joined by one of our ex-employees who had just finished her first quarter of graduate school.  It was nice to have her join us, we miss her!

After volunteering we had our holiday lunch at a wonderful local restaurant.  It was a great morning of volunteering and team building, nice to be together outside of the office environment.  What will your group be doing this holiday season?