We will be the new neighbors soon

new floorsLots of work is underway at our new location.  Old floors out, new flooring in last weekend.  You can see one of the offices here.  New furniture has been purchased and new appliances are on the way for our kitchen. At the same time we’re getting ready to move we are also adjusting to new neighbors at our current location.  The suite across the hall has new tenants.  Suddenly there are fewer open spaces in the parking lot and someone’s usual spot has a new car in it!    The exterior door was locked mid day and no one took keys to that door when they ran out for coffee – good thing they did take their cell phone to get one of us who stayed behind to let them back in.  It’s interesting the little things we took as the norm are now being challenged.

Nothing bad about all this at all, it’s just changing our routines.   Lucky for us they are very good neighbors.  This is good timing.  We need to keep this in mind when we move.  While we bought the building we’re only using half, the other half has current tenants.  This should remind us to be sensitive to them.  The move will not only be an adjustment for us but for them as well.  We do intend to not only be good landlords but great neighbors!