New Address Coming Soon

We’re counting down the days to our move to our new building.   Flooring is in.  Walls are newly painted.  Cubicles and desks arrive and will be built tomorrow.  Kitchen cabinets and appliances installed.   Treadmill desks, we have two, ready to go.  Power and web access are set.  Site security has been improved.  Most of us have figured out the best new commute too. Of course we still need to pack and move everything we’ve accumulated over our two years here.  We need new signage at the street.  Our clients, partners, vendors, plus city and state government agencies all need our new address.  Even the ones with whom we only interact online.  And so much more.  As much as the world has gone digital this has been a good reminder of the importance of place.

The big move is scheduled for President’s Day weekend.  We'll be leaving Campbell, CA and headed not far down the road to San Jose.  Pictures and details right after!  If you’re local we hope you visit, you know you’re always welcome!