Come visit our new offices!

This is our first full week in the new offices.   Everything is new, the space is so functional, and we all have figured out our new commutes.  One of us has a whopping 4 minute commute now! We have two large spaces.  One side has our cubicles, several pods of 4 cubicles each.  There is also a smaller conference area with workspace for 2-3 plus a treadmill desk.  We’re still walking, still checking each other’s steps via our Fitbits!

On the other side, which we refer to as the Board Room side, we have a large conference table, lots of seating, another small conference area that also has a treadmill desk, office space for 2 of the executive staff, and our kitchen.

The extra space is wonderful, and being put to good use!  Today we’re hosting one of our clients.  We have the perfect space in the Board Room for this half day meeting.  We skyped with our team member in London, called in to a training session on new software – projected on the wall for easy viewing, had space for breakout groups, and all had room to sit around the table for group discussion.

Stop by and visit:  1150 Hillsdale Ave, Suite 100 in San Jose, CA.   There will be new photos posted shortly.  Stop by, we hope to see you soon!