Photos of our new space

Exterior 1150 v1Here's the exterior of our new building, Referential, Inc signage still to come.   We occupy the back half of the building.  The front half has offices for Yakult, Progressive Housing, and Farmer's Insurance.  And across the parking lot we have Denny's! Bullpen v1

Here's what we refer to as 'The Bullpen'.  Not everyone was here when the photo was taken but you can see many of us.  What you can't see from this view is the small conference room towards the back with a small table for group work and a treadmill desk!

And below you see two views of "The Boardroom" side.  Flexible space for large group meetings, office space for two of the execs, another small conference room with a table and treadmill desk, plus our kitchen.   The large table has been used for client meetings already as well as group lunches.   We're super happy with our new offices!

Boardroom 1 Boardroom 2