Background check firms- part 2

Moving offices means our background check company wants to visit – again. A site visit has been ordered. We assume they want to look at the same things as before – do we have locks on the doors into the building, do we have locks on the filing cabinets which might store their reports, are the PCs that will be accessing their systems password protected, and so on. Last time they took interior and exterior photos as well. We had just bought new paper shredders, good timing as we were specifically asked if we had a shredder and where it was! As long as we’re going through major elements of their registration process, again, we decided to look at other choices. More research to do next week but this might trigger us making a move to a more fully integrated background check platform. We hadn’t expect our move to lead to this sort of change, interesting the breadth of impact when you move from one office building to another!