Food - quite the motivator!

We have a big new project that has a very short timeframe so we’re working extra hours this week. Providing lunch has helped.   Not only did we explore different types of food this week – good old American fast food, Hawaiian, Indian – eating while working minimized the extra hours we had to be at the office. Usually we take time at work to sit together and talk about whatever comes to mind. It’s a nice mental break and good for getting to know each other better.   This week we worked through lunch, helping add an extra hour to the day nearly painlessly. We got out for a quick walk around the block in the afternoon. Need to keep up those fitbit steps! Not quite a mile to go around the block and extend just a bit into the neighborhood.   We did find out it’s even shorter going to the nearby Walgreens, and they have quite a selection of ice cream, which made the perfect treat one afternoon!