Phone Flexibility

Our new offices are set up with the majority of us in one room, with executive space and financial records in another.   That means some of us work at two different desks and you never know when you’ll need to make a call. Our voice over IP phone system is proving even more useful here than in our previous location.   We have power cords specific to the phones at each desk and you can just pick up and plug in where ever you want to work, be it another desk or in one of our conference rooms or at the treadmill desks!   Very helpful when a call requires either privacy or a group and the speaker phone. The ability to have multiple phone numbers is extremely helpful, in fact necessary for the type of work we do. Many of our clients engage us to work directly with their customers, recruiting them into customer reference programs and then matching them to advocacy activities.   They prefer we answer the phone representing their company rather than our own, Referential. Easy to do with our phone system. As appropriate we set up a unique number and our phones notify us if the caller has dialed Referential or a number set up for one of our clients. Makes answering the phone so much easier, you know something about the call before answering!   This is just one facet of how we seamlessly represent our clients as we work with their customers on reference activities.