HR review - good to do!

Our dear friend Nicole is here, in person, and we’re having an HR audit. Now, she might not call it that, but in reality that’s what it is, and something all companies should do regularly.   Today we reviewed the employee manual – and she had great suggestions for improvement.   Then it was on to our performance evaluation form, which passed scrutiny!   Reviews to come for our non-disclosure agreement, offer letter, and other associated employee/hiring forms. Great timing because it precedes our full implementation of Zenefits, which among other things will help streamline our hiring process. Nice to know all our hiring forms, employee manuals, and associated policies have been recently reviewed and updated as necessary.

We’re still a fairly small company but it’s important to have this foundation in place.    Nice to know we’re in really good shape and ahead of the game compared to most small businesses!   Nicole’s an expert, having worked with companies large and small, we’re happy to have her expertise and assurance that we’re doing well when it comes to our most important asset, our employees.