Business Etiquitte Refresher

We’re embarking on an etiquette refresher for the team. We work in a small, informal office but our new location is quite near offices and homes of some of our clients. We expect more drop ins than at our old location. Also some of our new hires have been recent college graduates.  They bring tons of great skills but haven't spent a lot of time in an office environment.  They’ve not had the opportunity for business lunches or developed a sensitivity for the differences seen when working with clients in various countries. So for some this will not be as much a refresher as a learning it all for the first time. This is probably not seen as the most exciting of topics so to inject a bit of fun we put the topics in a hat and each pulled one. Over the next several weeks we’ll have brown bag lunches where we’ll each take a week to present our topic.   We’ll be fed, we’ll be learning, we get to take turns presenting – not so bad! We’ll share highlights with you as we go through the topics.