Summer Changes Begin

Some staffing changes are ahead for summer. We have a master’s student in communications joining us for the summer. She’ll be writing case studies and helping with social media. Several of our clients have communities for their advocates and we’re involved with both initiating and maintaining those communities. Lots of interesting updates to post and we’re seeing significant participation both from our client’s employees and their customers. With a few new client agreements that focus heavily on writing we’ll certainly keep her busy! We will also have an intern from one of our clients join the team. While the company is headquartered here in the Bay Area, we are fully responsible for their customer advocacy program. Our client decided it was best to locate their intern with us, in fact their interviews were here in our building. We can provide the necessary training and support, which can be substantial for an undergrad in their first true business role. He will have trips to headquarters to meet with others and participate in activities planned for the intern program overall, but home base will be with us. As we’ve hired several team members directly after their graduation.

Nothing like an intern or recent graduate to remind you to explain acronyms (even ones like EMEA or COO), clearly describe ‘business casual’ attire, and go over all sorts of other general business topics we otherwise take for granted!