Be Present

One of Referential’s operating principles is to ‘be present’.   That’s a short way to say give the task at hand your full attention. Don’t multitask in meetings, come prepared, and be on time. One necessary tool that can also be a distraction is the cell phone. They are required to do our work as several of our clients have security requiring multi phase authentication to access their necessary systems and data. We all have a variety of security apps on our phones, depending on which clients we work with. While a useful and necessary tool, we do try to minimize the distraction element of phones.   We haven’t done an outright, official ban of cell phones from meetings, brainstorming sessions, group training sessions, and so on; but they are certainly discouraged. Placing the phone on silent or vibrate isn’t enough to avoid distractions. Employees bringing their cell phones to meetings are tempted to read text messages and email. We have said that unless you’re using your phone for client system access or it’s an emergency put them away, there’s plenty of time to catch up with friends and news at lunch or breaks.

A recent study showed nearly half of all firms have official policies about cell phone use, does yours?