Adding even more language expertise!

Language expertise is very important as we reach out to our clients’ customers. We find being able to speak and write in local language is extremely helpful when discussing advocacy opportunities.   Program activity is increasing in Asia and as a result we prioritized fluency in Asian languages for our most recent hire and are happy to say our newest hire is from China and also fluent in Korean.   She recently finished her MBA in the US and joined the team last week.   Her work experience in China and time living in Korea gives her a familiarity with both business vocabulary and etiquette, which is critical. As we hire for language expertise we have made it a priority to hire native speakers or individuals who have spent extensive time living, and working, locally.   For western countries as well, sensitivity to local practices enables us to build trust, understanding and confidence with those we come into contact with and is helping us forge very successful and longstanding business partnerships and relationships.