August Step Challenge

Although large employers have been expanding wellness programs in recent years, small businesses have not. As small businesses employ nearly 50% of all private-sector workers, any expansion of wellness and prevention programs can really be beneficial. We are doing our part and even have someone designated as our Wellness Officer. With this in mind here at Referential we have kicked off an August step challenge. Armed with our Fitbits and Jawbones everyone has committed to an average of either 7, 10, or 15 thousand steps a day for the month.   And if we all meet the challenge we will be treated to a nice team lunch.   And it will be a healthy lunch!

Often small groups will take a walk or a slower saunter around the block once or twice a day. We make good use of our treadmill desks and are encouraging walking, rather than sitting, meetings where appropriate. Meet a friend for a walk, instead of lunch, on the weekend.   Those of us with dogs are taking them a bit farther each day. I’m sure there will be lots of creative ideas this month and I hope to see us all meet the challenge!