Meetings - rarely face to face

It’s hard to know the exact number of people working from home in the US. According to the American Community survey, 3.2 million workers telecommute. That’s a 79 percent increase between 2005 and 2012! We all come in to the office.   With the pace of our expansion having everyone here makes it much easier to train our new employees and collaborate on tasks. At Referential we all are externally facing so spend much time in email, on the phone, and in virtual meetings. While we don’t work remotely as a team, our clients are all over the US, even the world. As obvious as it sounds when meeting with others you need to be clear about the date and time. With international contacts finding a common time for a meeting can be challenging, California and India for example have a 12 hour time difference!

When it’s more than a simple call we never assume the other person has experience with remote meetings or the software we use to conduct them. It’s a good idea to send out clear instructions ahead and even practice yourself if the tool is new to you.

As the number of remote workers increase and our business dealings become more and more global, the need for virtual meetings will continue to climb. The technology will improve but meeting best practices will always be called for.   What’s your favorite tip for virtual meetings?