Open Enrollment Decisions

Open enrollment is nearly upon us and last year our medical provider told us our current plan was grandfathered and would not be continued into 2016.   So we must change. We need to move to an Affordable Care Act compliant plan.   Since we’ve known this for some time we felt it would be important to have some guidance and chose to utilize Zenefits. While Zenefits offers many benefits and time savings to businesses, our decision to use them was primarily based on our need for a broker to assist us with our medical plan decision. We haven’t finished the process but Zenefits has been proactive and researched several options beyond those our current provider suggested.   They also have researched additional benefit offerings for us to consider, low cost to the company and high value to the employees. With medical we are seeing premium changes, and those changes vary dramatically. One option has employee rates going down by 1-3% for our youngest employees and up about 16% for others. In addition the dependent rates increase up to 66%!   Lots of decisions ahead, but so far so good with the process.