Response to survey comments!

It’s not often that you complete a survey, agree to be contacted for further information, and then receive a follow up call.   Well it happened today!   We began use of Zenefits, primarily to streamline the hiring process, earlier this year. We knew we would have to change medical plans this fall, our old plan would be grandfathered no more, and having Zenefits as our broker of record would be helpful. We are nearly finished with the benefits open enrollment process and recently received a survey asking about the process.   We had a glitch or two, looks like the result of clerical errors on the medical providers' side, one missed step on our side, and confusion about a request made to Zenefits. To Zenefits' credit they followed up internally and with the medical provider to make sure all was well. And then management called.   They wanted to make sure they knew the full story from our side and that we felt everything was resolved.   They asked about anything further we would like to see from Zenefits in terms of functionality, and offered to be a point of contact if there was ever the need in the future.

The first time through open enrollment with a new provider – we expected there might be a glitch or two. I commend Zenefits for their follow up and for listening to our ideas for change. All in all it was a good experience.