2016 - Off to a fast start!

VolunteeringHere’s a photo of our volunteer stint at Health Trust. As you can see from our attire it was a bit cold in their warehouse! Afterwards we had a team lunch and later a gift exchange.   Most of us worked all of December, a few took off a day or two.   It stayed surprisingly busy, as many of our clients were at their fiscal year end. Our advocacy work was critical to help our clients close more business, and close that business faster. 2015 already feels so far away. We are not far into 2016 but we’ve switched to a new finance application, reallocated team hours to match our new contracts, started work with a few new clients, and have one of the new clients visiting on site today. Next week we’re gearing up to host a local customer advocacy group meeting. The new offices give us plenty of meeting space for larger groups. We are off to a great start for what we know will be a great year for our company and the team.

More good news, in just 7 days we’ve already had more rain in northern California in January than the last 3 Januarys combined so we’re hoping we make a dent in the drought!

May 2016 be a wonderful year for you too, both personally and professionally.