A month of new beginnings

January has been a month of firsts. We begin the year with several new clients! Lots of new people, products, systems, and company cultures to learn. It’s always exciting to add a new client, several at once keeps all of us learning and busy.

We also moved to a new financial system. We were up and running more quickly than expected however everything is just slightly different than in our old system. Many things are faster and easier while others are not – yet! First time through reconciliations to invoicing takes a bit longer as well. Hopefully by this time next month it’s as familiar to us as the old system was. With our growth we needed something more robust and are happy with how smooth the change has been.

January has also seen benefits changes. It’s our first month with a new benefit – dental insurance. We had bit of a glitch as we went through the enrollment process but everything has been addressed and we are happy to be able to offer this new benefit to the team. In addition our medical plan changed. We still have the same provider but it was time to change as our old plan would no longer be grandfathered. We were able to offer choices and everyone is happy with the new coverage.

As we grow we are seeing lots of change.  Exciting and it's certainly been a busy start for 2016!