Will you be able to escape?

We just had a fun afternoon of team building and trying to escape from a spy’s room!  Friday we spent the afternoon with Beat The Lock. Referential went as a team and started with some team building activities. The good old game of Two Truths and a Lie (can you tell which is the lie?) is more difficult when some of the team members are related and others have known each other for many years – not the usual work group. We had great fun and learned quite a lot – from who has won dance competitions to who can barely swim. We learned we have jump rope champions and those with scuba certifications.   Several had been keeping their music talent from us! It’s a fun way to learn a bit more about each other. 

The next activity split us into two groups and we had to come up with 5 things true for everyone in the group. Easy for one team but the other struggled. Surprisingly every one of us has at least one sister and has traveled in Europe! 

But the main attraction was to participate in the room escape experience. We were in the spy room – we suspect our neighbor is a spy and enter his room to discover his identity and find we’re locked in! There is an hour to look for clues, solve puzzles, break codes, get various boxes unlocked, and finally diffuse a bomb and escape.   No worries, it’s all in fun and role play! When the phone range we answered and took the clues – each of the 3 times they were offered. We didn’t quite escape in the hour, but did within the additional 5 minute grace period.   It was tough! Not to give anything away but look carefully, consider everything, and enjoy the experience. If you are in the local area and looking for something fun to do with a work group or even family consider escaping! Give www.BeatTheLock.com a look.