A new intern has begun

A lot has happened here in the past few weeks. We’ve had many people out on vacation, a few days here and there to a week. We've participated in events and have both a new client and a major new project with an established client.  In the midst we also had a new intern start. While school is still in session, spring quarter to go, he is part time and then will be full time in the summer.

Classically interns spend the summer in a role, often the summer after their junior year, and if they do well are offered a full time job, ready and waiting for them after graduation.   We’ve not taken that classic approach.  

We’ve actually preferred to have interns start with fewer hours, while still in classes. As anyone who has had an intern in the past knows there is a lot for them to learn. At the beginning it’s easier for us to train a few hours a day than be faced with full days.   We’re able to ‘chunk’ the learning into manageable pieces and know he’s ready for the next step. By the time his schedule does allow for full time work he’ll be more independent and when summer is over we are hoping to see him continue with us part time.   

Last summer we hosted an intern for one of our clients. The majority of the intern’s work was with us, though they did participate in some events at the client site. We’re lucky, several good universities are nearby so interns can come in to the office and work part time with us during the school year. Having several recent college grads on staff also makes for a welcoming environment to someone still in school, many of us are not far removed from college days! We enjoy having a new team member and a fresh perspective, there will be more interns in our future.