Take time, improve

It’s easy to continue day to day with the same processes but sometimes you need to take a step back and think about how to improve. We just had a series of brainstorming sessions on ideas to positively impact Referential.  What might we do, big or small, that would have a strong effect on our work?  As you can imagine there were many great ideas!  We began to implement the changes right away. One request was an easier way to know what time it is throughout the world. We do work with customers everywhere and need to know what time it is in London or Sydney or New York.  For those of us that like an online world clock we now have a couple of great urls to choose from.  For those who prefer looking at actual clocks, we now have 5 clocks on the wall so you can easily see the time in a variety of locations. It sounds simple but it’s been really helpful to very quickly see the various times.  In fact, it helped with a call to SE Asia just this morning!

Another quick one to address was improvements to calendaring. We all have to track appointments with our clients via their preferred systems as well as our Referential meetings.  Consolidating all that into one view of our commitments was something we had each done, though differently.  We now have a single approach that gives us each a consolidated calendar and a view into the free/busy times of everyone on staff.

Some of the suggestions will take time to implement, be it the outdoor seating area or various automation requests.  What’s most important is we have a team culture that values change and improvement and suggestions from everyone.  This wasn’t an isolated event but something we do often as part of our ongoing desire to be the best for both our employees and our clients.