Do you cover your webcam?

More and more people are choosing to cover the webcam on their laptop and other devices.  Last month the director of the FBI James Comey confirmed he uses tape to cover the camera on his computer.  “I think people ought to take responsibility for their own safety and security,” Comey proposed at a Center for Strategic and International Studies conference. Hackers can access these cameras through malware. All it takes is one wrong click.  Malware can contain code which might turn your camera on and save the feed.  Often they can even disable the camera's light so you don't even know it is recording!

Once you have decided covering that camera is the way to go you then need to figure out how.  Read this article from Slate where Jacob Brogan tests all sorts of sticky choices so we don't have to!  Here's a sample cover, below, where June Thomas uses washi tape.That's one of many options tested.  Read the article here.june-washi-jpg-crop-promo-xlarge2