Water, Water Everywhere!

rain-122691_1280Here in the Bay Area we’ve had six years of drought and Mother Nature has decided to wipe that away in short order.  We just had the wettest January in 20 years and have already had multiple storms in February.    San Francisco rainfall totals are 142% of normal for the year and San Jose is 126%. Nearby Anderson Dam is now at capacity for the first time since 2006.   A bit farther away, the snowpack water content is 174% of the historic average, good news as that is the source of the majority of our county’s water supply. 

Mudslides, road closures, enormous potholes in roadways, fallen trees, flooding, treacherous commutes – all this water has been very impactful. We are certainly hoping for a few sunny days to dry out before the next deluge!  Water restrictions have not yet been fully lifted. conservation is still called for, but it looks like we’re close to the end of the drought here in Northern California.  Finally!