We can all use a laugh now and then

This article from Demand Spring, with good examples, is about using humor in B2B videos.  Humor isn’t always appropriate, but when it is, it just may help you tell your story in a very memorable way.  If you watch only one of the examples in the article try “A Video Conference Call in Real Life”.  We’ve all had calls like the one in the video so we can easily relate to the issues shown.  It’s a good use of video to make us laugh, but to also see there is opportunity for improvement.  The humor in the video is a nice supplement to the more serious discussion of a solution to the problems shown, which is at the video’s end. While the examples are all good for a laugh, or at least will bring a smile to your face, there’s value as well.  When used appropriately humor can highlight serious aspects about the value your company brings to your customers, the benefits of using your products. If your company uses video to tell your story it might be time to consider humor.