Phishing, Smishing, Vishing, Phaxing…..

Our whole team recently went through one of our regular security training sessions. We talked about a range of issues from physical securitysuch as laptop locks, door codes and so forth ,to various laws and regulations we need to be aware of. As our clients are international and in a wide range of industries there is a lot to be knowledgeable about! Some of our time was spent talking about phishing (email), smishing (text), vishing (phone), phaxing (fax)… all the variations cybercriminals are using to trick folks into giving them valuable personal or company information. Of course it’s much easier if someone hands over that valuable information than if the criminal has to break through variouslevels of security to try to find it on their own.   

The following article from BBC News, though about a year old, is an overview written in layman’s terms so good to share with those that may be less tech saavy. “Vishing and smishing: The rise of social engineering fraud”, by Marie Keyworth,   here.

There are plenty of resources with tips.  If you need a place to start consider this blog post titled: Safer Internet Day 2018: 70 Internet Safety Tips to Follow, here.   Be vigilant!  Stay safe!