A Summer of Long-Distance Teamwork


At Referential, the only thing stronger than our customer advocacy consulting might be our adaptability to our ever-evolving workforce. Since the start of the summer, we've welcomed four new members to the team, expanding our presence across the east and west coasts of the U.S.. These new additions diversify the various time zones our team occupies, ensuring that we can connect with our clients' customers no matter where they reside in the world.

With about half our team local at our San Jose, California-headquarters and the other half remote, not a day goes by in the Referential office without a lively video chat or phone call between colleagues. Our phone system makes it easy to connect with anyone on the team via extension numbers and Skype is one of the first applications to launch on every employee's computer each morning to ensure no one is ever more than a quick message away. Our bi-monthly team meetings bring the whole office together over video call, where the faces of our multinational Referential comrades adorn the projector screen in our board room while sharing updates from their various corners of the world.

Though our satellite offices continue to multiply, the day-to-day workflow at Referential remains relatively unchanged. Our skill nurturing customer advocates and managing advocacy programs, however, continues to grow and improve with the addition of each new team member. Leveraging the collective experience of customer advocacy professionals who have contributed to advocacy programs of every shape and size has only improved our ability to support the variety of needs of our clients. We're excited to incorporate all the strategies and best-practices our newest employees bring into our consulting services and customer advocacy training. Hope you have a chance to meet and work with our growing team!